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I've always loved drawing and painting and making things. I got my Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in crafts, and I studied as a potter for several years, but what I really wanted to do was what we called back then "computer graphics".  Unfortunately, back in the '80's, the classes and tools didn't exist where I lived. Then "life happened", and so for decades my life went in a different direction.

Just when that long path seemed to be ending in a dark weedy place of pain and despair, a gift and a stroke of luck coincided.  I took a leap of faith, and I landed at the beginning of a new path.

I feel so fortunate now to have the chance to start anew, and I am just now learning to communicate with MidJourney, to edit with Affinity, to design with Kittl, to explore options with RedBubble, etc.  I hope visitors will be inspired by the images and blog posts here, and perhaps share their stories with their life journeys, as well as experiences and questions with learning ai-tools on the forum page.


We are indeed moving into "Interesting Times", and I believe the way we will survive them is together.  I look forward to a new era of discovery and creativity with you all.


AI-created portrait of the artist and creator of SeeFutureDreams
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